Project:     Dike Soil Stabilization
Location:   Fort Fairfield, Maine
Owner:       Town of Fort Fairfield, Maine
GC:            Ed Pelletier and Sons

To protect buildings that are located near the Aroostook River from annual Spring flood and ice damage, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE), along with Contractor Ed Pelletier and Sons, built a cement slurry / earth dike along the South bank of the river.  The ACOE were concerned about the integrity of the soil around five pipes that projected through beneath the dike at 5 different locations.

Test borings revealed that near all 5 pipes, the soil was porous and could possibly lead to failure of the dike in the future.  Jean’s Waterproofing, Inc. (JWI) was contacted and agreed that boring holes on each side of the pipe down to the weak area of soil around the pipes and grouting them with a low viscosity mater would be appropriate.  The holes were bored on each side of the 5 pipes to a depth of approximately 25 feet, then 3 in. PVC slotted sleeves were installed.  JWI would then stage grout the tubes by lowering a specially designed two-component inflatable packer, developed by JWI specifically for this type of application.

The packer is lowered to within one foot from the base of the hole and inflated to hold it in position.  The product, an acrylate-ester resin designed specifically for the stabilization of soils and rock, is then injected into the tube.  After the calculated amount of resin is injected, the packer is deflated, pulled up 3 feet, re-inflated, and the process is repeated until all suspected areas are grouted and consolidated.  The resin was suggested and chosen for this project because its low viscosity allows it to easily penetrate fine soil and sand and is also non-hazardous.  Once it has been incorporated into the soil, it cures within 3 minutes to form a solid mass.

The project was successfully completed within 3 days.



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