Project:     BYK Chemie, Secondary Containment Concrete Crack Repair
Location:   Wallingford, Connecticut
Owner:      BYK Chemie
GC:           JWI

The owners of BYK Chemie in Connecticut found numerous cracks in the concrete secondary containment walls of two tank farms.  This prompted the owners to consult an engineering firm, Chem-Tec, for a solution of sealing the cracks thus insuring that if a spill occurred, it would not migrate through the containment walls.  Chem-Tec then contacted Jean’s Waterproofing, Incorporated (JWI) for its expertise in this area.


JWI proposed injection all cracks as well as any suspect areas using a very low viscosity, water-swelling, acrylate-ester resin.  Chem-Tec and BYK officials agreed to the system proposed.

Since the tank farm housed large tanks of xylene, acetone and many other chemicals it was important that the secondary containment be completely leak proof.  JWI was given the approval to proceed with the crack repair project.

All the cracks and construction joints were injected succesfully.

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