Project:     Bellows Falls Hydroelectric Sta.
Location:  Bellows Falls, Vermont
Owner:     U.S. Generating Company

U.S. Generating Company (USG) contacted Jean’s Waterproofing, Inc. (JWI) to help in curing a leakage problem that persisted for years in their Visitor’s Center. The exposed, low pitch standing seam roof of the Visitor’s Center had been caulked many times without success. Water leaked inside damaging USG’s displays, which are enjoyed by the public.

JWI proposed applying a fast cure, elastomeric polyurea coating and lining to the roof because of its physical properties, such as elongation of 425% and tensile strength of 3,000 p.s.i., USG preceded with the project.

JWI prepared the metal surface for the application of 35 mils of polyurea at a temperature of 165 degrees. The 19 second cure of the polyurea allowed JWI to spray the top coat the same day.

USG will not have to contend with caulking the Visitor’s Center roof in the future.

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