Project:     Chimney for Units #1-3
Location:  Salem, Massachusetts
Owner:    New England Power Company

New England Power Company (NEP) contacted Jean’s Waterproofing, Inc. (JWI) to cure their water leakage at the top of Units#1-3 chimney.  The water was leaking into their communications room, damaging valuable equipment.  The chimney heights, 475 feet provided a major concern to all parties.

JWI proposed to NEP, the use of a surface-applied urethane, pedestrian deck coating system for the project.  Once this system was approved, JWI developed a safety plan specific to the project prior to mobilizing.

JWI repaired all damaged concrete and construction joints on the roof as part of the preparation for application of the urethane.  Then the 30 mil multi-coat system was applied within one week.  At the conclusion of the project, the communications room was dry.

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