Project:      Boiler Room Floor
Location:    Portland, Maine
Owner:      Bell Atlantic
GC:            Zachua Construction


Bunker & Savage contacted Jean’s Waterproofing, Inc. (JWI) to assist in developing a repair procedure for water infiltration into Bell Atlantic’s boiler room.   Bell Atalantic was experiencing water migrating through the concrete floor on a regular basis, creating many problems.  JWI proposed the installation of a hydrophilic waterproofing membrane beneath the floor.

JWI mobilized to the site with a water-swelling, acrylate-ester resin for sealing joints and cracks.  JWI prepared the floor for pressure injection, beginning on the south side and progressing to the north side, forcing all water out the cracks and beneath the floor.  The resin was injected into the injection packers to form a complete waterproof membrane below the floor.

After successful injection of the acrylate-ester resin, the floor was now dry.  Bell Atalantic requested a coating be placed on the floor.  As this boiler room is extremely active, JWI proposed the use of a fast elatomeric coating.  The fast cure coating cures in 19 seconds, providiing a seamless membrane,

JWI proceeded with the surface preparation and application of 80 mils of coating with an anti-slip stipple finish to complete the floor.


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