Project:     Transmission Manholes #1660 and 1663 (Allens Avenue)
Location:   Providence, Rhode Island
Owner:      Narragansett Electric Company
GC:            JWI


Narragansett Electric Company (NEC) contacted with JWI to waterproof manholes #1660 and #1663.  NEC was experiencing oil and water leakage into these manholes.

The leakage was entering through the steel conduits, which carried 4/23kv electric transmission cables, and bricks, which constructed the walls of the manholes.  This leakage was creating a fire/safety issue when NEC personel had to splice a cable.

NEC’s normal procedures prior to entering a manhole were to pump all liquid into a tanker and treat the effluent prior to disposal; a very costly undertaking.

JWI injected a combination of a water-swelling, acrylate-ester resin for sealing joints and cracks and an acrylate resin designed specifically for repairing drains.  Repairs were made to the exterior of the manhole and into and around all existing cables/conduits.  At the completion of all work, JWI had successfully eliminated leakage into a manhole.


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