Project:      Garage Deck Repair
Location:   Boston, MA
Owner:      Pilgrim Parking, Inc.


Located in downtown Boston above King’s Bowling Alley, the public accessible parking garage operated by Pilgrim Parking, Inc. was experiencing leaking on the underside of the entrance ramp. This leak was migrating through the deck and saturated the ceiling tiles and created puddles on the bowling lanes in the bowling alley beneath.

Having successfully worked on the garage before, Jean’s Waterproofing, Inc. (JWI), was called into to fix the problem at hand. Upon inspection, it was determined that the source of the leaks were due to a deteriorated topping slab, a weathered expansion joint and a vehicular traffic coating.

The topping slab was removed and replaced, along with the expansion joint and traffic coating. The leaking in the bowling alley as since stop post construction.

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